Personnel of Digital Transformation in Agriculture


  • Aybika Beksultanova Chechen State University named after A. A. Kadyrov
  • Petmat Dzhankhotova Chechen State University named after A. A. Kadyrov



human resources, digital transformation, agriculture


The solution of the problem of digital transformation of agriculture is becoming particularly relevant in connection with the sanctions pressure on the Russian Federation. World practice and the experience of successful domestic agricultural producers show that the use of modern digital technologies makes it possible to create optimal conditions that ensure a significant increase in plant yields, animal productivity and labor productivity throughout the life cycle of agricultural products, reducing material costs for fuels and lubricants, electricity, plant protection products, labor remuneration and other types of expenses, soil fertility preservation and environmental protection. The article systematizes global trends in the spread of digital technologies in the field of agriculture. Based on the data of the federal statistical observation, as well as monitoring of digital maturity, quantitative results of the involvement of ICT specialists (including IT specialists) in the field of agriculture in the period 2019-2021 are presented. The purpose of this article is to identify the problem of the lack of qualified personnel with digital competencies in agriculture, to show the current situation of human resources, as well as to make recommendations on measures of state support for improving the working conditions of IT specialists in the economic and social sectors.


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