The Status and dignity of Women in Islam and Hinduism



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Mujer, Islam, Hinduismo, Amor, Familia, Madre.


The heavenly religions have spoken much about the creation of man and his place in the world of creation. The position of women in these religions, known as the revelation religions, is very high. In the ancient Hindus, woman was not dignified and regarded as much as men, although in the Upanishads the woman was intrinsically valued, and man and woman are half halves that complement each other. There is no legal difference between men and women in India today, and women can engage in political, economic, and cultural activities as men. In Hinduism, woman holds a high position as a mother, from the point of view of Hinduism, the ideal woman is a woman who loves her husband and provides his with comfort. But the Hindu girl is far less valuable than the Hindu boy, and many Hindus do not generally favor the girl child. From the Islamic point of view, men and women have equal value in terms of humanity, and no one has superiority over others in their humanity. But this does not mean that any physical and mental differences between the two are denied. The holy religion of Islam considers women the first and foremost task of marrying and raising children, by assigning specific duties to women that are commensurate with their type of creation, but at the same time permits women to adhere to the principles of a Muslim woman participate in the community and engage in social and economic activities.


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