Núm. 20 (2022): Siglo XXI. Literatura y cultura españolas, número 20


XXI CENTURY. SPANISH LITERATURE AND CULTURE (E-ISSN 2172-7457).  Annual journal of the Cátedra Miguel Delibes, that intends to cover a previusly empty space in the academic periodical publications in the area of Spanish Philology: present day literature. In order to accomplish this, three main goals are set: to promote a debate over polemic topics of the literary and cultural sphere (a section open not only to researchers but to readers); to present the recent literary outlook; and to offer rigorous studies on current literary production. The content of these studies must refer to an author or work of the current Spanish literature (last 50 years). All articles are original and unpublished, and are written either in Spanish or in English. Siglo XXILiteratura y cultura españolas doesn’t necessarily identify with the content of the published articles, which are solely a responsibility of their authors. 

Publicado: 27/03/2022