Developing Business English Students’ Metaphorical Competence in Foreign Language Learning Higher Education Contexts

  • María Enriqueta Cortés de los Ríos University of Almería
  • María del Mar Sánchez Pérez University of Almería
Keywords: metaphor, metaphoric processing, metaphorical competence, foreign language learning


This article is aimed at showing the ways in which Business English teachers may be able to facilitate the use of metaphor for their students since it is a part of the lexicon which causes them the most difficulties. The inclusion of the study of metaphors in a specific English language programme can provide students with a useful tool to interpret vocabulary, improve reading skills and understand different cultural backgrounds. Our aim is to put forward a didactic proposal to be used in English for Specific Purposes (ESP) programmes at a Master’s course currently taught at the University of Almería, Spain, in order to develop students’ metaphorical competence within the foreign language learning process.


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