Focus & Overview

      1. Aims & Scope

ES Review is aimed at publishing original research on topics related to English Studies. These include English language and Linguistics, literature written in English, history and culture of the English-speaking countries, and translation, within a variety of methodological approaches.

Please note that ELT and Didactics fall outside of our journal scope, unless the focus and method of the research undertaken are ascribable to the field of Applied Linguistics.

While comprehensive in scope, the journal seeks an emphasis on the linguistic, literary, and cultural connections between Spain or Hispanic America and the English-speaking world and is particularly interested in articles and book reviews in that area.

      2. Publication frequency & Format

ES Review is published online annually.

      3. Sections

ES Review accepts and publishes research articles and book reviews in open issues. Interviews may be considered for publication if related to the field of contact and exchanges between Spain/Hispanic America and the Anglophone world.

      4. Languages

ES Review publishes contributions in English. Articles in Spanish may be considered for publication if they deal with the languages, literatures, and cultures of the English-speaking countries in relation to those of Spain and Hispanic America.